The LD team took the time to understand thoughtbot's offering and created a tailored, comprehensive plan for helping explore our target market. After some initial introduction calls, an in-person trip was advised and LD managed to book a full diary of meetings which covered a broad spectrum that helped us really understand the local marke

Kirsten Hurley, Managing Director for Europe, West Asia and Africa

The Middle East was a new market for us in the past and we were looking for a strong partner to enter the market in advance. In hindsight, it was a stroke of luck that we found the best partner in LD Export and Francois' team.

From the initial briefing to the further preparation, market evaluation and meetings in Dubai, the entire team worked very professionally and supported us perfectly.

Thanks to LD Export, our brand is well known in the region and we found a service and trading partner within a few months.

Christian Schepers, Export Manager, Hermann Sewerin GmbH

Our journey into the Middle East market was made possible through the invaluable support of François-Xavier Depireux and the LD Export team. François-Xavier played a pivotal role in helping us navigate the complexities of expanding our international presence. Together, we crafted a strategic roadmap to approach this promising market, with LD Export's expertise proving crucial in identifying potential customers.

After a few months, our efforts materialized into a comprehensive understanding of the market potential and the identification of a list of compelling distributors. This list, validated in collaboration with the UniversDrink team, drew from LD Export's extensive network. Following this, LD Export conducted visits to the distributors, meticulously narrowing down the selection to 3 high-profile distributors with interest in our range of products.

Through continuous communication and multiple meetings with my team, LD Export helped us successfully appointing an official distributor who is now actively involved in the distribution of our products in the market.

I want to extend my thanks to LD EXPORT for the job and expresses my happiness in having a solid distributor with branches in 25 other countries. The mission was a success, LD EXPORT delivered on its promises.

Arnaud Jacquemin, Owner, UniversDrink

Our company recognized the Middle East as a promising market for expanding our international presence. To validate our intuition, we had the chance to meet François-Xavier Depireux ( CEO - Founder LD-Export) together we drafted a roadmap to approach that new territory. The LD Export team helped us to identify potential customers. LD Export also facilitated introductions with these prospective partners, they booked the meetings with potential customers. In summary :

- 4 days visiting 10 pre-qualified appointments with companies in the thrift business in Dubai.
- We visited one potential customer who also proposed his support for the local logistics and warehouse part.
- We met one sales rep who was seduced by the quality of the products presented by Fettweis Packaging.

Francois-Xavier was very involved in supporting us, he is very professional, organized, flexible and reactive with a great sense of humor THANK YOU to LD EXPORT for this good business trip and preparation in Dubai

Arnaud Degen, Fettweis Packaging

We extend our gratitude to the LD Export team for their contribution to our recent Gulf development mission. As the Commercial Director of MySalesLab, I was truly impressed by their profound market knowledge, great follow-up, and always availability. LD Export's expertise was a driving force behind our success, and their professionalism made every step of the journey seamless. I am confident that anyone seeking services to develop the Gulf Region in a professional way, will find LD Export to be an invaluable partner. We eagerly anticipate the chance to collaborate with LD Export again in the future

Pawel, Commercial Director, MySalesLab

I had the pleasure of meeting Francois-Xavier Depireux from LD Export during a VOKA seminar in Belgium where he was keynote speaker. Our company is already active in Kuwait and the UAE, so expanding into the Saudi Arabian market seemed like the logical next step. Francois-Xavier and his team conducted a thorough and insightful study of the KSA market. Throughout our collaboration, the communication with LD-Export has been consistently clear and focused. Mat's expertise and knowledge have been invaluable in arranging company visits in KSA. LD-Export has proven to be reliable, professional, and an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend their services.

Jeroen De Smedt, Managing Director

Our company recognized the UAE as a promising market for expanding our international presence. To validate our intuition, we enlisted LD Export to conduct a market analysis that delved deep into the specifics, including identifying potential partners who aligned with our company's values and possessed the necessary infrastructure to support our operations locally. LD Export also facilitated introductions with these prospective partners, and we were impressed with their impeccable organization. Now, the onus is on us to maintain the momentum and establish our business in this region.

Bruno Orietti, Responsable Export

The Middle East market has always been a target for our company, but we didn't know how to approach it correctly. The meeting with the LD Export team changed everything by its involvement and professionalism. From carrying out sectoral market studies on the various countries of the Middle East to the protection and monitoring phase, LD Export has risen to the challenge and become a real partner and strong support. In 1 year, we have developed several business agreements in the area and the first orders are on the way! We highly recommend LD Export if you want to expand in this geographical area. An excellent collaboration that we hope to continue for many years!

François RUZAFA, Responsable commercial

We were introduced to LD Export by an important client of ours. We received feedback on their numerous projects in Saudi Arabia thanks to LD Export’s crucial factor in the business development. A call with Francois-Xavier was set and it convinced us to work with them. We have realized our first development and trip to the Emirates and promises to only meet decision makers were accomplished. Collaborations with several keep partners appear promising. Relation with LDE to be continued after these first successful steps, we are now eager to enter other markets within their territory of expertise.

Francis Dedrie, Manager

It came to my knowledge that LD EXPORT was the company to hire to explore the Gulf Countries and I have to say that they deserve their reputation. We have been working together for several months with a very professional team and practical approach. Everything is taken care of. After a few meetings to describe our needs, they really take the lead to study your market as well as selecting the right contacts for you. Monthly calls and strict follow-up are in their DNA, For us, it was the first step towards this market but the presence of F.X. Depireux during the visits (GCC) made us feel more confident. He knows the market, has the right contacts and his approach during the meetings shows 15 years of experience, LD Export is a perfect partner to select your best potential distributor and organize the trip. I definitely recommend all the companies willing to explore the Gulf Countries to contact LD EXPORT. Thank you all for opening up new markets for us,

Frédéric Lemmens, CEO

It was a pleasure to work with the LD EXPORT Team. With very short notice they managed to propose me a set of qualified meetings of potential partners in Dubai. Everything went very well and the process was very professional. The good business surprise of this end of 2021

Frédéric Lescure, CEO - Chief Executive Officer

LD Export has been a very professional team to help us discover and approach the retails in KSA. LDE has been realizing a very specific mission following our request. It was very helpful for us for a better market analysis.

Arthur Parent, Area export manager (Africa / Middle East / South America)

LD Export has been a very professional team to help us with our first actions in KSA. LD Export has been a perfect partner to select some interesting companies and to organize a visit.LD Export has given us the first step to explore the KSA market for our products. Without the help of LD Export it would have been much more difficult to have the first contacts.We are very satisfied with the commitment of the LD Export team in understanding our products and our market. It has helped us to be more efficient in our contacts.I would recommend all the companies willing to explore this market to go ahead with LD EXPORT. They are practical and professional.

Olivier Geerts, Sales Director

Egg is an independent international event agency ; In order to accompany our growth in the middle east region, our Bank and adviser, BNP Paribas put us in contact with LD-Export. François-Xavier and his team rapidly understood who we were and what were our main USP in order to match with the expectations of the local Market (KSA & Bahrain). Few weeks later we had a chance to participate to a dedicated Taylor made sales blitz carefully prepared by LD-Export ; out of the 6 companies we met, 100% were convinced that the services of Egg could be useful for them ; 3 even promised to consider Egg for their scheduled upcoming events. Few weeks after the sales blitz we received already 2 very interesting RFP (tenders). Even if we did not win the competition with this 2 first tenders, LD-Export has done the perfect selection and advise for us. We know that Egg might have a place of choice in the market. We definitely will rely on LD-Export for further actions in the coming months to accelerate our development in the region.

Cédric Bareme, VP Sales & Development

As a leading European manufacturer of recycled plastic profiles and finished products, with export to some 30 countries, we were looking for new business opportunities. One of the markets we were interested in was the UAE. We came in contact with LD export and had several meetings with François-Xavier and his team to explain about our business and to decide about the way to go. We were impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of the the Middle-East market, as well as their commitment to our case. After an in-depth market study, we decided to continue with a second phase. LD Export works as if they are part of your company and their market information is very up-to-date. Their global approach, in mutual consultation, ends up in a very well prepared business trip. Contacts and meetings were arranged by Mat, as well as hotel bookings and transportation on site. Two weeks ago, we had a very effective 4-days business trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Together with the LD EXPORT team, we had 12 meetings with key players in the market. It was all very well organized, they took care about everything. We now understand very well the market expectations and opportunities. Thanks to LD Export, we are quite confident that some of the contacts will lead to future business relationships. We strongly recommend LD Export as your partner for exploring the Middle-East market. Without their expertise and professionalism, it would have costs us infinite time and money to obtain the same result.

Axel Martin, Commercial Director

As a manufacturer of scrap shear and waste balers for 70 years, Copex has been present on the 5 continents. However the Saudi waste market is still unknown to us and we quickly realized that we needed some help. We met François Xavier at a meeting with Bretagne Commerce International and were immediately seduced by his professionalism and knowledge of the Saudi market. The process was launched by a very in depth discussion to define our target, end users as well as potential agents. Then we received a perfectly detailed market study from Mat, our unique future interlocutor for the following steps. From this market study we decided together who were the companies we wanted to meet during the next business trip. To prepare this trip, Mat has been by my side the whole time, helping with Visa matters as being a woman is not always easy over there. I spend a few days between Dammam and Jeddah with Mat. He managed to arranged a tight meeting schedule for me to get the right meetings for our business market. Now we are in the process of developing further cooperation with the companies met in Saudi Arabia and we will obviously continue to work with LD Export as we’ve been blown away by their commitment and knowledge of the market. Entering the Saudi market with the help of LD Export is an obvious decision. I have been impressed all along by the quality of their services.

Anne-Marie KERVRAN Sales Manager – Waste Division

From day 1 the LD Export team has been a true business partner, helping us to assess the opportunity for our products in the Middle East through an in-depth market study. Their approach is structured, factual and pragmatic and they always keep their commitments: a promise made is a promise kept. Once the business opportunity was confirmed, LD Export have demonstrated great leadership in preparing a market visit, approaching potential leads capitalizing on their outstanding local network and utilizing compelling strategic and commercial arguments. Potential leads were carefully selected according to a clear set of criteria, which has allowed us to focus the market visit on prospects with a likely interest in our products. Thanks to LD Export’s great work, we are today in a position to prepare for a market entry in UAE in the coming months.

Serge van den Nieuwenhof, CEO Betramos, the leading producer of filled Belgian waffles

LD Export has been very helpful to optimize our trip in Dubai, where we went to exhibit in the Beauty World Trade Show. Before our trip, the aim of LD Export was to identify interesting contacts for us, to contact them and present our company, our products, our activity and try to get an appointment with them at the Fair or around the fair. LD Export has very quickly understood our products and the clients we want to target and succeeded in getting for us interesting meetings. Mat attended the appointment with us and was a great support throughout our trip ; he helped us to be as efficient as possible in our contacts. Mat was very involved in supporting us, he is very professional and friendly. It was really productive and nice working with him. So, many thanks to LD EXPORT and especially Mat for this good business trip and preparation in Dubai.

Béatrice BOUDAN - Sales Director

As a Trading company for spirits and Champagnes, we never tried to enter some of the Gulf Emirates, mainly for cultural reasons and because we were more focused on the development of the European Market. When we received the offer from LD Export to support us in developing this new potential market, we were doubting about the positive effects it could have for us. After their first study of the market, we decided to start with this new project. Coming back from 5 days in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Kaimah, Ajman & Sharjah, all the doubts disappeared and we expect positive results from this prospective trip. The reasons of this positive feeling are various : - A meticulous preparation from LD Export Team (François-Xavier & Mat) to contact and getting meetings with 14 companies in those 5 Emirates - The accurate selection of prospects (we had few unproductive meetings) - The professionalism of Mat in his contacts with our prospect and in the way he understood our business and our needs as well as the needs of our potential customers - An incredible agenda where every meeting were well planned and respected - The availability of LD export Team during the preparation, during the business trip and, I’m sure, after the trip I really see this mission as a partnership that is the key of the possible future successes. I’ve no other advice than trusting the support that LD export can bring you in developing your activity in the Gulf countries. With my thanks to the whole LD Export Team

Benoît Beauvois CEO Covivins Sprl

Many thanks to LD EXPORT and especially Mat for this excellent business trip and preparation in Saudi Arabia. We have been glad to discover this unknown place and understand the high potential of our products in this market. Thanks again, hoping for further collaboration.

Paul van Reenen, Project Director

The decision to collaborate with LD Export was a good move done by us. The reputation comes for Francois-Xavier’s strategic planning along with the active support team. Their time to time follow up- assures us the best results. Having updated market information and knowing the pulse of the market makes LD Export stand out amongst all. Their structure is very clear, logical and effective. The highlight of working with LD Export was getting access to highly efficient, reputed and well selected list of contacts which makes it quicker, easier and smoother in the field. Highly recommend all companies to collaborate with LD Export to get only the best results and get into market depths in a practical way.

Jean-Maurice Hannard, SAG Industries.

This season LD Export helped us to introduce our QTee® pears into Saudi Arabia. We were starting our season knowing that we had more than double the production of last season and a lot of very small pears, which are preferred in the Middle East. LD Export handled the approach to potential clients not only very professional but also very smart. Thanks to LD Export we succeeded in delivering to the biggest fresh fruit importer from Saudi Arabia and the biggest supermarket in the Gulf. We are very pleased with the results!

Silke Wouters - Commercial Manager

After several failure and waste of time In Dubai on my own, we have decided to meet LD Export During the first meeting in our factory , the first feeling was immediately positive: Francois Xavier has understood our expectations, his approach was professional and effective, but especially in compliance with our vision and capability. We have decided to move forward together, in mutual confidence. The first study market was shortly delivered; Very well documented, with interesting potential contact, as good as expected indeed. Thereafter, I spent two days in Dubai with Mat, to meet the contacts and understand the market expectations: The trip was perfectly organized, with fruitful meetings and suitable feedback from our contacts. We are now looking forward to doing further business in Dubai, in tandem with LD export, for sure. For us, LD Export doesn’t represent a cost, but a real investment.

Nicolas Soulier, Export Sales

François-Xavier and his team understand the true meaning of business development. They were able to capture the complexity of our product and its processes in order to translate it to the Saudi market. The results of his efforts gave us very valuable contacts, partnerships and opportunities. He truly opened the market for us. We strongly recommend him and his business approach.

Jeroen Libbrecht, Marketing & Communication & Strategy, Airdeck

After almost one year of cooperation we can say that first results are being realized. Feedback from different potential partners on this approach is very good. Francois Xavier Depireux is considered as one of ours.

Luc and Yves Heylands, Co-owners, EUROPOWER Generators

Working with LD Export goes exactly as they presented it during the initial presentation. François-Xavier and his team deliver what they promise ! They really understand what companies need/want during the “market breaking open” process. The global approach plan, based on a mutual preparation program, includes all necessary steps to be taken. The Team prepares and reports in detail and work for your company like they are part of it. The field work results in smooth introduction meetings in the shortest possible time needed to see/meet all key players. The follow up afterwards is done with the same professionalism and enthusiasm. In short, the investment really pays off. It’s like you hire a Champions League team to score on your behalf. It’s a pleasure to work together that way !! Well done LD Export !!

Yves Goemaere International Sales & Marketing Director

As manufacturer and supplier of high end scaffolding PRODUCTS and SERVICES it is our strategy to focus on and to invest in the international expansion of the company. In 2014 we made our first trip to the Middle East. We quickly understood the importance of a GOOD LOCAL NETWORK. In 2016 we met François-Xavier Depireux. …we immediately had the feeling that we found the “missing link”. François-Xavier’s vast NETWORK in the Middle-East and the PROFESSIONAL and ENTHUSIASTIC APPROACH of the whole LD-Export team quickly resulted in a first success. Thanks to LD-Export, we are today the proud partner of Kabbani Construction Group for construction works related to the Riyadh Metro Project, the world’s largest subway project. This first collaboration with LD-Export, definitely gives us “a sense for more…” We STRONGLY RECOMMEND LD-Export to all the companies who have plans to start up exports to the GCC countries. Success! Chris

Christiaan Fleurbaey CEO Afix Group NV

BM Service is present today in 12 countries and we decided mid 2016 to investigate an entry into the UAE market . We were immediately impressed by LD Export's professional approach and by the great enthusiasm of Francois-Xavier Depireux. I would recommend all the companies willing to explore this market to go ahead with LD EXPORT. They are practical and professional.

Innes Weyens, Independent Statutory Manager

LD Export has been a very professional team to help us for our first actions in KSA. LDE has been a perfect partner to select a few companies and to organize a visit planning. LDE has given us the first step to start a constructive action plan including the understanding of the main specifies of the KSA market. It will have taken us much more time to reach the same point of knowledge. We are very satisfied with the commitment of the LDE team in understanding our products, our markets and the way we are acting on the markets. It has help us to be more efficient in our contacts and the way we have present our self to the potential partners.

Yves MORALES Deputy Chief Executive Officer Sales - Marketing - Services

Through Package4Growth - an initiative of VOKA Limburg (Belgian Chamber of Commerce of Limburg) and the province of Limburg to help some SMEs that want to export overseas – Kaasbrik had the opportunity to meet in spring 2014 François-Xavier Depireux, CEO-Founder of LD Export. After a few meetings with him we were convinced by his professionalism, his enthusiasm, his 10-year experience and expertise of the GCC markets. François-Xavier and his team helped us: To ask the right questions,To understand the GCC markets, their business culture(s), the do's and don'ts, To speed up our “go / no go” decision process, To make the right choices for our business development in the GCC, without rushing. After Package4Growth we decided to work further with LD Export. And we do not regret! Today we do consider LD Export as part of our Kaasbrik team dedicated to the GCC markets.

Julien Minsac, Export Director, Kaasbrik

When we start thinking about promoting our machines in the Gulf countries, one of the main question was how to be sure to find the right local partner to represent us? A wrong selection of this one could completely kill our project. A too large company could not correctly consider us as we can expect it. In another hand, our wish was to find a partner already involved in this niche market, having good references and with an existing address book. LD Export has been a perfect team to trace our path. Study of the opportunities, selection of a few companies to contact, complete visit organization, …Perfect Job realized! Perfect job so that we asked LD Export to do one more step and to continue to be in touch with some of those companies, to confirm if they are really interested in working with us and to start discussion about the way we could finalize an agreement. We hope that in a few months, we will add a second testimonial in addition to this one with the information that this second mission has also been a success. No doubt about that when you know the serious and the way the first mission has been held!

Paul-Emile GODART Sales & Projects Manager

J’ai été amenée à faire appel aux équipes de François-Xavier en Avril 2016, j’ai été ravie de cette collaboration. Les équipes de François-Xavier sont réactives, professionnelles, s’adaptent à nos remarques et j’ai tout particulièrement apprécié le fait d’adapter leurs analyses à nos besoins. La sélection de partenaire a été assez exhaustive et très bien qualifiée ! François-Xavier est un accompagnateur très professionnel, qui défend ses clients au mieux pour la relation future envisagée. J’ai apprécié sa façon de créer le contact, de prendre des photos des rencontres pertinentes. Il sait mettre à l’aise ses interlocuteurs et appuyer les sociétés qu’ils défend. Il est trop tôt pour savoir si nous réussirons dans le Golfe mais je recommande fortement François-Xavier et ses équipes à toute société qui souhaite s’implanter dans le Golfe !

Cathy Werner, International Director, Fleurance Nature

After we as LaborexRail had decided one year and a half ago to focus on the Middle East as new target export market, we started to attend several exhibitions in region to try to find a partner in each of the GCC countries. After one year our efforts were successful and we managed to find good strong partners in almost each country of the GCC, except of Saudi Arabia which is a very difficult country for us to approach. And precisely KSA is one of the most important markets for us in this region with a lot of ongoing opportunities. After discussing this issue internally we received great recommendations to be in contact with François-Xavier Depireux of LD Export. A meeting with him was set up and approximately 3 months later a business trip to Saudi Arabia was organized. All contacts, meetings and travel issues were arranged by the professional team of LD Export. We had meetings with the key players of the railway marked and now we’re ready to assign a partner for Saudi Arabia! I would recommend François-Xavier and his team to any company that seriously wants to develop export markets!

Nico Verougstraete, CEO, Laborex

Je peux tout simplement féliciter le travail de précision de l’équipe tant au point de vue compréhension de mes besoins et ciblages de ceux-ci , tant dans l’accompagnement de la démarche commercial en m’ouvrant des possibilités énorme grâce à une prospection toujours très précise. En effet les décisionnaires étaient toujours les personnes que nous rencontrions lors de nos rendez-vous auxquels nous étions toujours reçu très cordialement. Le marché de Dubaï est plein de ressource mais difficile à pénétrer, les difficultés les plus grandes m’auraient fait face si je n’avais pas eu l’aide de LD Export et notamment de son représentant François Xavier. A ce jour mon business avec Dubaï avance de la meilleur des façons et les objectifs sont de continuer à développer le Middle East avec LD Export.

Yoni Cohen, CEO, Maison Colom

Carglass internationally is present today in 34 countries and we decided mid 2015 to investigate an entry into the GCC markets. We were immediately impressed by LD Export's professional approach and by the great enthusiasm of Francois-Xavier Depireux. Francois-Xavier and his team did super groundwork for us and after only 6 months we were able to sign a global franchise agreement with the Al Nabooda Group covering 5 GCC countries. Francois-Xavier has an enormous drive to make things work for you and LD Export has an approach which I would describe as practical and very effective.

Marc Vanholst, General Manager, Carglass

We have decided to work with LD EXPORT based on their reputation and positive comments we received about their activities in the Middle East. Being in a specific sector, we needed someone to understand our company. Despite the short delay we had, LD EXPORT with Mr. François-Xavier has been very reactive. A good mention for the good contact he has with prospects and quality of his listening an understanding during our common meetings with prospects. Following the prospects is something important also to me and I think it is good that you keep in touch with our company and keep continuing until we find The Distributor. Anyway, thank you and I wish that we will work again together to find distributors in the other Middle East countries mentioned in our previous conversation. I would recommend all the companies willing to explore this market to go ahead with LD EXPORT. They are practical and professional.

Brigitte Ermel, Owner

Six months ago ROB decided to investigate the commercial possibilities in the GCC markets. As a major manufacturer of high quality sliding door gear, with clients over Europe, UK, Russia and USA our focus is now on the Middle East. We received recommendations about François–Xavier Depireux and his team and after a first meeting with him, the decision to collaborate was easily made. During the preparation of the first trip to Saudi Arabia, LD Export already convinced me of the quality of their approach. This first 4 days trip was organized in a very professional way, with very important contacts. François-Xavier has shown his enormous drive and knowledge about the GCC market and mentality. I would certainly recommend LD-Export to any company willing to develop in the Middle East.

Geert Vandermeersch, Sales & Marketing, ROB

Après quelques premières démarches à l’export sans vraiment de retour et de continuité, j’ai décidé d’initier une démarche constructive. Pour cela, nous avons été conseillés de prendre contact avec la société LD EXPORT. Suite à mon premier rendez-vous avec François-Xavier DEPIREUX, j’ai été conquis par les connaissances qu’il a du monde Arabe et par sa façon de communiquer. Nous avons alors entamé les démarches pour un développement sur l’Arabie saoudite. L’ensemble de l’équipe nous a motivé à affiner et améliorer nos différents supports de communication. La mise en place du premier déplacement était très bien structurée ce qui fait que durant notre séjour à Riyad, les rendez-vous se sont succédés de façon nominale à raison de 2 rencontres par jour. Ces rendez-vous m’ont permis d’apprécier la qualité des interlocuteurs, le bon ciblage de ces derniers mais aussi l’approche professionnelle de François-Xavier. J’en veux pour preuve les retours positifs que j’ai déjà seulement 2 semaines après notre passage. Si vous avez des envies dans le développement à l’export, je ne saurai que trop vous recommander François-Xavier et l’ensemble du personnel de la société LD EXPORT.

Christian LAIZNE, gérant.

During the last few years, we have used different expert companies in order to understand and penetrate several international markets. According to our experience LD Export’s team is simply the best… We were really impressed by their reactivity, meetings’ qualities, trip organization, understanding of our needs with so very precise prospecting. Everywhere we went we were able to notice the efficiency and the fusional interpersonal skills of M. Depireux with all the prospects. It is a safe bet to use LD EXPORT services and after only one trip we have been able to collect the first orders. Not to take advantage of the LD Export’ experience would be a commercial heresy… For sure we will develop new market in Gulf area in the next years… Thank you so much.

Frederic Delaunay, Export and Trading Sales Manager, Guilmin

Thanks to Mr Depireux and his skilled team, we have been able to open unknown Market. Without local people and knowledge, this would have been unthinkable and undoable. Turnover in this region is now on a steady growth path and we are looking forward to opening together with LD EXPORT new countries. LD Export's team members have completely integrated and adapted our workflow. Based on regular reports and meetings, we share the same level of trust and mutual understanding this is what we encounter with team members in the main office in Belgium. This definitely is one service I would recommend to any company that seriously wants to develop export markets!

Xavier Leballue, Managing Director, Kokoon Design

One year ago, Olympia came into contact with LD Export. During our search for new business opportunities in the GCC Region till begin 2016, we didn’t succeed very well in exporting our Cream and ice mixes in the Middle East. We received recommendations about LD Export and after the first meeting with Francois, we were charmed of his enthusiasm and his professional knowledge about the Middle East market. After one year collaboration, we started up with a very professional distributor in Saudi Arabia and we established new contacts with potential partners in food service in the Middle East. We are very satisfied of the results, LD Export made for Olympia in 2016 and we would certainly recommend LD Export to any company willing to develop in the Middle East.

Luc Thoelen - Sales & Marketing Manager

A few months ago, BergHOFF Worldwide came into contact with François-Xavier Depireux during our search for new business opportunities in the GCC region. We were positively surprised by his enthusiasm and in depth knowledge of the market and the network he has in the region. François-Xavier explained us in a very transparent way his way of working and how he could deliver. We sincerely appreciated this no-nonsense approach and managed – thanks to his work – to establish new contacts with potential partners in this growing region. We can therefore certainly recommend to everyone to rely upon the drive and professionalism of François-Xavier and his team at LD Export to look for new sales opportunities.

Kris Vranken – Sales Director BergHOFF Worldwide

For the past 1 year, we have always found their team to be professional and committed to getting results. They are creative and have the right contacts in the GCC. They showed us many great reports and we travelled to visit the counterparts selected by us. The market shows amazing potential and we believe that the counterparts found for us by LDE were the right ones. Their real monthly presence on the market showed great effects with the locals key players.

Samuel Vanryckeghem, Sales Manager, SEYNTEX

Cooperation with LD Export was and is a great experience. We have worked with LDE in order to launch our products in the GCC and mainly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. They were able to provide us a wide range of their local contacts. These contacts have a full confidence in LDE which is crucial in this part of the world . They also proved to be a reliable partner and a skillful negotiator. We are now present with sales and volume in these markets and are planning to keep on working with LDE team.

Arnaud Jacquemin, Founder, Night Orient

As a young company focusing on the development of innovative compounds and products, we need to spend most of our limited resources on product development. Hence, it limits by itself the resources we should focus on sales development and in particular in foreign countries. In this context, we may rely on the expertise of LD Export and Mr F-X Depireux, specialized in the Gulf region where his networking is really very helpful. As far as we are concerned, he is also well connected with the Health sector which is very important for us for our product range.

Jean-Pierre MANS, Partner, Procell-Nutrition

PHP ELEONOR decided to find some new partnerships for its portfolio products in the Gulf region. When we met LD Export Team, we were directly convinced by their specific market knowledge. The team is experienced, enthusiastic and professional. François uses to move to the Gulf region each month, so he’s able to assure the closing and to cover the different accounts. Thanks to different success, PHP decided to reinforce its investment with LD Export.

Fabian Priem, Manager, PHP ELEONOR

Our work with François-Xavier Depireux and his team at LD Export aimed to reduce our investment to start up business in the GCC countries. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. What we appreciate most about working with François-Xavier and his team is the way to cut through the problems of this project. Everything is in detail prepared, clear, intelligible and the expected results are delivered.

Dominique Renard, General Manager, Equi4s

We are truly glad we started cooperation with LD Export. This company provides exactly what you need to achieve success in the Middle East market. Their experienced team offered us suitable services and support. Step by step, thanks to the constant contact with LD Export, we were able to develop our business in this interesting and full of potential region.

Bruno Stiernon, Managing Director, Oxylent

Having the opportunity to deal and interact with with LD Export, I can honestly say that there are two aspects which come out loud and clear - thorough professionalism and clearly noticeable vast experience in what they do. Their CEO, Francois, comes across as a task master and an action driven person. I appreciate and cherish our fruitful cooperation. LD Export has given us a new and fresh way of approach towards doing business in the Middle East. I wish Francois and his company all the best in the future.

Alain Henrard, Sales Manager, EFC Belgium

I got the recommendation to cooperate with LD Export from the local Chamber of Commerce. In order for us to prepare an important Fair in UAE, we needed to get some main figures, info about the market. They brought us only practical information and a few great leads – contacts. We believe LD Export is a strong business expert for the GCC market.

Jan A. Beckers, Export Channel Manager, Indigo Care

Tein Technology decided to hire LD Export in order to explore the potential in new potential export markets. After an accurate and very practical Market Study, we decided to start the mission. LDE looked for good agents in the UAE. We asked them to work on 2 segments (Maritime and Traffic). Every month, they provided us clear and structured feedback reports, which were presented in our facility. Thanks to their frequent trips, LDE made a selection of interesting potential customers or agents. LDE supported and joined us at the meetings in the field. We recommend LDE for each company willing to penetrate this interesting export markets.

Paul VAN DER AUWERA, Tein Technology

I used to partner with LD Export for my expansion in the Middle East. I have been quite impressed about the quality of LD Export’ network. In a few weeks’ time, they managed to gather the most relevant decision makers for the very specific business of e-commerce. In the meantime, we sold the company and got a lot of interests to enter the market thanks to LD Export as deal maker. Definitely I will ask LD Export their expertise in my new venture.

Jean Pol Boone, CEO, Outlet Avenue

Nous sommes agréablement satisfaits du suivi et de la proactivité tout au long de cette mission. Beaucoup de voyages et de négociations ont ermis un développement optimal et un positionnement de mes produits sur le marché prospecté. Nous avons pu ouvrir un marché difficile mais à fort potentiel pour nos produits.

Pascal Bernard, Entrepreneur, ELECTROMIND

We have asked LDE to target the UAE market for us. After an accurate and interesting market research, we have decided to ask LDE to set up qualitative meetings for us with our TOP priorities, targets in this country.In a very flexible, proactive and constant follow-up, LDE has been able to arrange an outstanding, qualitative and fruitful trip fo us. We do believe that we save many efforts and time asking LDE to handle in the best manner, our trip over there.Once we arrived in this country we directly understood that without their help, a lot of time and effort would have been put in this without guaranty of the same results. We met the exact right contacts and they were all well aware of our company, our offers and our needs. We recommend this company to anyone interested in developing their business in the Middle East.

Alain, Peters AutoSport, The Netherlands


info@ld-export.com +352 264 59 378

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