How long does it normally take to find a distributor?
  • ●We believe that we need 2-3 months to study the markets and find the potential great distributors for you
  • ●We need to meet all of them 2-3 times personally
  • ●We can finalize
    How do you work?
  • ●3 Offers (please check our Packages => https://ld-export.com/our-services/)
  • ●A monthly fee to develop
  • ●Commission base (win-win relationship) when the distributor has been found. We remain you M.E.E.M.
    How often do you travel to the GCC?
  • ●Monthly trips are foreseen
    How often do you meet your clients?
  • ●At least once a month at their premises.
    What are the guarantees?
  • ●See our Testimonials => https://ld-export.com/testimonials/clients/
  • ●Money back guarantee
    How can you be involved in all those sectors?
  • ●Network area
  • ●3000 contacts
  • ●Most of our top contacts are involved in many different businesses
    What is the size of your Clients?
  • ●Medium-sized and Big-sized companies
  • ●Companies having a clear export project
    What are the main sectors you are active in?
  • ●Food & Beverages
  • ●Construction
  • ●Industrial
  • ●Equestrian
  • ●Pharmaceutical
  • ●Cosmetics
  • ●Automotive
    What kind of materials do you need to start development?
  • ●Fact Sheet + Company profile + Product brochure
  • ●Pricelist
  • ●List of references
  • ●Business card + Email address