Completion in 8 Steps
  • 1. Thorough acquaintance of your activities
  • 2. Defining ideal counterpart: what kind of agent, distributor or partner you are looking for
  • 3. Screening chosen market via our privileged partners
    • Who are your competitors
    • What is their price level
    • Which market segment
    • Which of your products or services to promote
  • 4. Fine-tuning suitable counterparts list
  • 5. Contacting selected counterparts for introduction of your company
  • 6. Many local travels to maximize information:
    • Is the counterpart well introduced in the sector
    • What are their references
    • Importance of their interest in a long-term cooperation
    • Reputation of the counterparts
    • Due diligence (reservedly)
  • 7. Selection of most suitable and most interested counterparts
  • 8. Confirmation of this selection during your local journey (client + LD Export)